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Geotech segment comprises of technical textile products used in Geotechnical applications pertaining to soil, rock, earth etc. This category of products is generally referred to as Geotextiles and specifically refers to permeable fabric or synthetic material, woven or non-woven, which can be used with geotechnical engineering material. The principal functions performed by Geotextiles are confinement /separation, reinforcement, filtration and drainage, and protection. Application areas include Civil Engineering (roads and pavements, slope stabilization and embankment protection, tunnels, rail-track bed stabilization, ground stabilization and drainage etc), Marine Engineering (Soil Erosion control and embankment protection, breakwaters) and Environmental Engineering (landfills and waste management). Other specialized Geotech products comprise.

  • Geogrids (synthetic filaments and tapes etc formed into a very open, grid like configuration having large apertures)
  • Geonets (extruded ribs set in net like fashion with small apertures), Geomembranes (impermeable fabric as barrier)
  • Geocomposites (products using two or more Geotextiles e.g. Pre-fabricated Drains-PVD)

Current Geotextiles Market in India (Imports and domestic production) is around Rs 272 Crore, comprising imports of an estimated Rs 105 Crore and domestic production of around Rs 167 Crore. In terms of product category, the market includes Rs 241 Crore of synthetic woven/non-woven Geotextiles (85 Crore of woven and 67 Crore of Non-woven) as well as other products like Geogrids and Others (Geomembranes, Geonets and Geocomposites). Agro-based Geotextiles (made of Jute and Coir) are also developing and finding acceptance as a class of products. Market size for these products was around Rs 31 Crore.

Utility: Geo-textiles are used most commonly in the transportation market for construction of roadways because of their separation, reinforcement, and filtration functions. It increases the life of the road. It provides significant reduction in maintenance cost. Formation of potholes, cracking of the surface and undulations are pre-empted in the roads constructed using geotextiles and the riding quality is improved.. It provides increased ground stability by distributing and supporting loads. It also consumes less space in landfill projects.

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